Chris Paul, Come Again?

 I wrote the following rhyme in March of 2009 (seen here).  The Kobe mention stems from the MVP race between Kobe and Chris in 2008.  So apropos considering CP3 and Kobe are battling each other in the playoffs and both put up SICK performances in a Game 1 Hornets victory on Sunday.

Lightening quick, so slick, feverously on top
serenely cream of the crop
dribble drive, pull up, hit the J
put the D on tape delay.

Fourth pick in ‘05, a maniacal surprise
I must despise the guys in ties
did they not realize
the actual size of the prize?

Mamba got the bling instead of kid sting
lifetime achievement believe it
only a ring can prove this thing
if no cigars are lit the critics won’t quit.

Rift the franchise from the Crescent City
then see it cease to survive
another team’s gift spells another’s pity
One must crumble, the other thrive.

Ryan is currently working on an Aaron Gray rhyme.  Ok, maybe not.  You can follow Ryan on Twitter @rpravato.

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