The Cavs Finally Beat LeBron James

Well, the Cavs did beat the Miami Heat last night in a game where Cleveland completely outplayed Miami. 102-90 was the final score.

For their psyches, this is what the Cavs needed. They finally break through with a win over a very good team and their former superstar, LeBron James. The crowd’s atmosphere was terrific; it was as if they were playing Game 7 of the NBA Finals even though the game seemed like an otherwise somewhat meaningless game on the schedule. For the Cavs and their fans, this seemed to mean everything to them.

Let’s not get it twisted. The Cavs still have the worst record in the league with a 15-58 abomination. And they may struggle for the next few years.

But last night was something else. Ryan Hollins outplayed Chris Bosh. J.J. Hickson had a 20-10. Anthony Parker‘s shooting was terrific. Baron Davis was setting up his teammates. And the Cavs just couldn’t miss. They shot 55.6 percent in the game. While the Heat are the obviously more talented team (LeBron James had a triple-double), it was just one of those nights where they just couldn’t get anything going. Maybe they underestimated their opponents. But at the end of the day, the Miami Heat lost and the Cleveland Cavaliers won.

The Cavs have had a rough year and endured a lot. After LeBron went through the first time and destroyed the Cavs’ hearts last December 2nd, the Cavs went through a record-setting 26-game losing streak. They had an embarrassing 55-point loss against the Lakers. Twitter even had a little meme called #lasttimethecavswon (last time the Cavs won). But last night, that victory over the now-hated James and the Heat overshadowed everything. The Cavs and their fans may not move on from LeBron’s free agency escape after this game; hell, they may not move on until they get their next superstar. But to them, it sure felt pretty damn good to get that win and was definitely the highlight of their terrible season.


Rey-Rey is the editor of Stacheketball and founder of the L.A.-based NBA blog, The No-Look Pass. Catch him on Twitter at… @TheNoLookPass. You might see him tweet about Boyz II Men once in a while.

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