Video: Kevin Durant’s Momma Is Why Kevin Durant Is Awesome!

When I think of Kevin Durant, I think of a very young Michael Jordan. ( Please do not hate me for thinking that. I know we are never allowed compare anyone to MJ. ) He is a skinny yet athletic high riser who finds the basket, helps his teammates, wants to win, wins, and he is refreshingly full of humility.

Durant has that special something that other players today lack. Somewhere between Jordan and Durant there was an Allen Iverson generation that showed up to the game more concerned with “me” than “we”. No, I’m not just talking about missing “Practice”. I’m talking about players that choked their coaches, fought in the stands, and devoted 1 hour long shows that climaxed with the words “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”.

Somehow, even though Kevin Durant grew up during all of that, he has small town values. Was he born in French Lick Indiana? No, he was born in Washington DC. Kevin Durant was born in DC and had every excuse to be like every other super star, so why is he different? He was a basketball prodigy that was told from a very young age that he was more than the game, and he had every reason to believe it. With everyone pumping him up, and with Kevin being an impressionable young man, how did he come through it all to be different? Wanda Pratt.

Wanda Pratt is Kevin’s mom. When the whole world was telling KD how great he was, his Mom was waking him up at 12 AM to run up a hill. When players are hogging the spot light, Kevin is simply tweeting about his contract extension. After signing said extension, he is not partying all night with Steve Erkle and Chuck with a wine cooler in the trunk. He simply sits back with his Mom and reflects on the incredible journey. Great job Wanda! You made your son awesome!

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