Tyrus Thomas, Shaun Livingston Throw It Down and Stephen Jackson Blocks LeBron’s Head (Dunkinstache + Slappinstache)

But yeah, other than this, it's a pretty bad team. (Credit to NBAE/Getty Images)

Tyrus Thomas has been injured for the past few games with a sprained right wrist but made his return last night against the Heat. Though the team lost (read: got beat down) and Thomas had a rough shooting night, he did produce this highlight. I hope Paul Silas and Charles Oakley can use their experience and knowledge to continue to develop his offense.

Now get ready to smile. Shaun Livingston, just a little under four years since his horrific knee injury, has been coming on strong since his stint with the Wizards last year. The stats won’t show much, as there just isn’t talent around him to knock down shots that would give him assists. That said, I don’t know a credible person who doesn’t like his game. I am huge fan as well. I’m pretty sure he gained a few fans at Time Warner Cable Arena (noted from now on as “The Cable Box”) after the following dunkinstaches.

In second video, stick around to see some fantastic defense from Stephen Jackson on LeBron. Stephen Jackson, being fully aware how the head can be a dangerous weapon to create scoring opportunities, decided to go for the block on LeBron’s noggin.

Credit to @OutsideTheNBA

Now if only the Bobcats would blow up this team and rebuild around what young talent they have and can acquire. Sigh… a man can dream, can’t he? *proceeds to watch bad basketball team try to be the Eastern 8th seed*

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