This Week’s Delicious Hot Links

What is a Hot Link? Well, to most people, it’s a type of spicy hot peppery smoked sausages often found at barbecues in Texas and South America. Here in Stacheketball, it’s a list of links from this week’s best of the NBA Blogosphere

  • The Good Point: Remember Space Jam? Well, of course, you do! One thing I want to happen before the world ends in 2012 (Lol) is a remake of Space Jam. An All-Star cast of NBA Bloggers shares their opinions on who should be in the movie if they were to make a remake of Space Jam.
  • NBA Playbook: Fact – Gregg Popovich is smarter than your favorite NBA coach. Check out this play that both confused the¬†Milwaukee¬†Bucks and iced the game for the Spurs.
  • CelticsHub: Ray Allen has been an inferno during the month of January, shooting 70% from deep range.
  • Business Insider: Shoals breaks down why the NBA’s superstars aren’t taking over the world anytime soon.
  • HoopsHype: Will Blake Griffin be “the one that gets away” or will Donald Sterling cough up the cash?
  • The Basketball Jones: Get Rick Carslie-Rolled. The Dallas Mavericks have the best A/V crew in the business.
  • ESPN: Scoop thinks LeBron has become Kanye West. I thought the same thing back in August.
  • Off The Dribble: What would your favorite NBA player be doing if they weren’t in the NBA? Mine would be a college professor.

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