This Week’s Delicious Hot Links: Where We Ask Ourselves – Is Kobe Clutch?

What is a Hot Link? Well, to most people, it’s a type of spicy hot peppery smoked sausages often found at barbecues in Texas and South America. Here in Stacheketball, it’s a list of links from this week’s best of the NBA Blogosphere.

  • SB Nation – Tom Ziller talks about how Blake Griffin would be a target of idiotic columnists.
  • Hot Hot Hoops – This post by Raul Takahashi makes us realize that Chris Bosh loves Carlos Arroyo more than Dwyane Wade. Kidding…
  • Voice On The Floor – It’s a voice blog, a podcast of some sort but really it’s a voice blog. They invite bloggers from all over the NBA blogosphere to talk about good stuff. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Anyways, Zach Harper talks about the word “Hate.”
  • Voice On The Floor – Tom Martin from the blog called “The Dream Shake” and talks about Yao Ming and what he means to this league.
  • NBA Fanhouse “The Works” – Bethlehem Shoals and Eric Freeman of Fanhouse talks about the NBA’s worse players. Pretty hilarious stuff.
  • Hoop Speak – Zach Harper untangles the mystique of NBA life through the unlikely vehicle of the Whoopi Goldberg classic, Eddie.–Beckley
  • TrueHoop – You know I was going to add this to the list right? ¬†Henry Abbott talks about Kobe’s unclutchness if that’s even a word.

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