This Week’s Delicious Hot Links

What is a Hot Link? Well, to most people, it’s a type of spicy hot peppery smoked sausages often found at barbecues in Texas and South America. Here in Stacheketball, it’s a list of links from this week’s best of the NBA Blogosphere

  • Brain On Funk -┬áHilarious set of Game Captions. @Docfunk definitely knows what funny means more than TBS
  • SB Nation – Okay, this is more about General Sports but is definitely worth a look. Jon Bois of SB Nation ranks the best animated GIF’s of 2010. #2 definitely takes the cake for me.
  • Cleveland Leader – Dan Gilbert hired some guy named Ted Williams to play Small Forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kidding. If you haven’t heard of Ted “Golden Voice” Williams, then you should start watching Cleveland Cavalier games. Amazing voice, really.
  • NBA Facts & Rumors – Grant Hill knows a lot of the NBA. 15 years in the NBA will give a huge amount of knowledge concerning, well, nearly everything. Matt Moore writes about Grant Hill comparing the ’96 free agents to the ’10 class
  • Garbage Time All-Stars – Ever seen the (possibly) smallest painting of LeBron James? Yeah, me neither, but Josh of Garbage Time All-Stars took the time to paint this picture for the dude with the biggest ego in the League.
  • NBAmusings – Remember when Hedo Turkoglu got his triple-double against the Golden State Warriors? You don’t? Well, Michelle from NBAmusings reminds us of his really goofy dance after reaching his (Hedo) triple-double. Shake Weight anybody?
  • Youtube – Do you guys watch “The Disney Channel”? No? Yeah that’s what I thought. I don’t either but I might just this one time. On January 14, Dwight Howard, Kevin Love and (lol) Deron Williams will appear on this show called “The Suite Life on Deck”. Yeah, I don’t know the show, either, but who cares? We get to laugh along with Dwight and Kevin AND THEN laugh AT Deron Williams for having such a horrible punch line. He he he. Oh and it’s at 8/7 pm central, Disney Channel.
  • The Basketball Jones – “Heatles”, yup, LeBron just called themselves (Miami Heat) that.

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