That Mid-Range Game You Cannot Exchange

Richard Hamilton, one of these days, will be traded.

I think. 

I hope.

I wonder. 

Rip has been on the trading block it seems for the last half century.  According to reports he will be traded soon.  I’ve heard that one too many times before.

But Friday’s tilt against Toronto saw Rip gather his second straight DNP-CD.  This time I think the writing is on the wall–Rip as a Piston is all but over.

In memory of Rip.

That Mid-Range Game You Cannot Exchange

Was traded for Stack back in 2002
who would have knew he’d become Detroit’s swingman guru
Not surprising his finest professional years came in a blue collar city
hailing from Coatesville he knows no pity

One of the best conditioned athletes around
one of the most talented pound for pound
Running around those screens so tight like saran wrap
he helped put the Stones squarely back on the map

He always wore his emotion in his sleeve
he’d whine and plead like you’d never believe
Despite his armor attached to his face
he shot those unbalanced jumpers with the utmost grace

Don’t’ forget the steady sidekick Mr. Big Shot
yin and yang they were, until they were not
When AI and Chauncey were swapped it was the beginning of the end
Detroit hasn’t had a single legit point guard since then

Recent years have been remarkably grim
but alas the mask will be my lasting image of him
Rip’s tenure in the red white and blue has seemed like a blur
but man it was mostly a pleasure, oh yessir

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Every time Ryan hears the names Johan Petro and Troy Murphy he throws up a little in his mouth.  Just a little.  Follow Ryan on Twitter @rpravato

2 thoughts on “That Mid-Range Game You Cannot Exchange

  1. Wow. Great read, Ryan. Not sure if this was on purpose, but the line "pound for pound" brought back memories of the best coach to have coached Rip, Mr. Larry Brown, as he was also known as "Pound for Pound" by Rasheed.

    I love that last line in particular.

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