For Rent: Carmelo Anthony to Dallas?

Will Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks make a move at Carmelo Anthony even if he refuses to sign an extension with Dallas? I think so.

Dallas’ starting small forward, Caron Butler, will miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery to repair a ruptured right patellar tendon.  Dallas will surely miss Caron’s production this year. His 15.0 points per game and 43.1% 3PT% were both good for 3rd best on the Mavs. Butler’s absence leaves a giant hole in Dallas’ starting line up. Coincidently, ‘Melo is also a starting small forward that Dallas had been targeting before Butler’s season ending injury.

Carmelo, who has the option to become a free agent this summer, has stated numerous times that he will only sign an extension if he is traded to the New York Knicks. Regardless if a Knicks-Nuggets trade takes place, Anthony has made it clear that he wants out of Denver and wants to live in New York.

Dallas is in no way the Big Apple in terms of glitz and glamour, but in terms of actual basketball, Dallas is a contender this year. Their 25-8 record is 4th best int he NBA and 2nd best out West, behind division rivals San Antonio. Dallas has had a great start to the season ending, numerous double-digit winning streaks and hold key victories over Miami, Boston, New Orleans, San Antonio and Okalahoma City. In more ways that one, Dallas was looking to be a legit contender to take down the defending champ Lakers and lift up the Larry O’Brien trophy in June.

To add to the appeal of the Mavericks, Dallas is one of the largest US cities and the Mavs are owned by one of the richest men in the world in Mark Cuban. Cuban owns several tv channels and has multiple businesses in various industries. If it was business connections and fame ‘Melo was after in the Big Apple, Dallas might be his second best choice.

Perhaps ‘Melo might have a change of heart and choose the Big D over the Big Apple. Or perhaps, Mark Cuban doesn’t care who Melo signs with next year.

Mark Cuban is the most eccentric owner in the NBA. From his court side antics to his quarrels with current NBA players. Mark Cuban says and does whatever pleases his best interests and he has the NBA fines to prove it.

One possible move that the Dallas Maverick organization have mentioned a few times this year is the pursuit of Carmelo Anthony. Many have held the notion that Carmelo won’t sign with the Mavs and any trade Dallas makes for Anthony will be nothing more than a ‘rental’ and perhaps that has been the biggest factor in keeping the trade rumors becoming anything more than trade rumors.

However, with the loss of Caron Butler for the remainder of the season, Cuban just might be compelled enough to pull the trigger on a trade for Denver’s swingman. With Dallas playing so well and Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas’ franchise player, entering the twilight years of his career, Cuban might see this season as the last opportunity to finally bring Dallas a championship during the Dirk era.

A ‘Melo for Bulter, Stevenson, picks, and some cash would work out according to ESPN’s Trade Machine and Dallas has made several moves that seemed to be seat-of-the-pants type moves before (see: Kidd, Jason – Harris, Devin). Many times the trigger was some kind of unexpected loss or collapse by the team. The Kidd-Harris trade came after a shocking first round loss to the 8th seed Golden State Warriors. In this case, it could very well be Caron’s injury.

Shane is a part-time contributor for Stacheketball and a full-time lover of all things basketball. Find him tweeting nonsense at @Suga_Shane

4 thoughts on “For Rent: Carmelo Anthony to Dallas?

  1. As a Dirk fan i gave this a thought, but I dont think a lower 20s Pick and some old slackers would cut it for dallas, as denver already turned down derrick favors at the beginning of the season.
    I think denver wants young talent back, to have a chance at 'melo, dallas would have to throw in roddy.
    And that would probably be a high price to pay for a half year rental.

  2. The Kidd-Harris trade was mid-season, it came when the Mavs had a record of 35:18, but after some disappointing losses, in February 2008, i.e. almost a year after the Warriors series.

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