Chris Bosh Will Always Be A Basketball Loser

Chris Bosh is a loser. Now I don’t mean this in a he has no friends’ type of loser, he actually seems quite popular since LeBron and Wade wanted him to be their third wheel. No, I mean this as when it comes to basketball; Chris Bosh will never be a winner.

First this season, Chris just wanted to chill instead of work like Coach Spoelstra wants his Heat team to work, and now, after last night’s loss to Chicago, Chris Bosh tells everything us exactly who he is.

Video via @outsidethenba

The play above is a pretty typical play that you see in almost every basketball game across America. There is a loose ball and players diving on the floor for it; nothing out of the ordinary. This fact, however, is not as clear to Chris Bosh as it is to everyone else.

Bosh was injured on the play (sprained ankle) and didn’t play the entire fourth quarter because of it. But in Bosh’s eyes, that play should have never happened like that.

When asked about the play that he was injured on, Bosh gave us this gem of a quote:

“C’mon, that is how guys get hurt, that is how serious injuries happen. You’ve got to watch people’s legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job.”

“We all want to be healthy and that is very important, if it is by somebody’s leg, don’t dive for the ball, it’s too close.”

“It could’ve been a lot worse so I consider myself lucky, the damage is mild, so I’ll just do the proper treatment and what the doctors tell me to do. I couldn’t push off of it. In situations like that you have to keep the big picture in mind.”

I had never been angrier by what an NBA player said after a game then when I read what Chris Bosh said.

Bosh has been gifted with ability to play the game of basketball, which we all love, at the highest of levels. He is a 5-time All Star, an Olympic Gold medalist, and is easily a Top 20 player in the NBA. Yet when he says things like this, it makes you wonder if he has any awareness at all about how he will be perceived.

Guys have clawed and fought with every fiber of their being just to get a shot at maybe making an NBA roster. Even if they do make it, they could be cut at a moment’s notice. But according to Chris Bosh, everyone should just “chill” and not play so hard because someone might get hurt. Maybe, Chris, if you would have dove on the floor for the ball, like you should, then you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. When you are going all out in a highly contested game between two of the top four teams in the East, your only objective should be trying to get the ball at all costs; not worrying about the ball being near someone’s legs or not.

The line that sums up Bosh’s entire attitude best is when he said that you have to keep the big picture in mind. In my mind, the big picture for the NBA regular season is to get the best record possible so you will have home court advantage in the Playoffs. Omer Asik wasn’t trying to hurt you, Chris; he was doing exactly what you said every player out there should be doing, and that was keeping the big picture in mind. The Chicago Bulls are an Eastern conference-best (with Boston) 18-3 at home while the Heat have 8 of their 12 losses on the road. With as tight as the Top Four in the East will be, every game between the top four will be that much more important when it comes to getting home court in the Playoffs.

I am barely 6 feet tall and never had the chance to play College basketball, let alone in the NBA. Every chance I got to play when I was in High School, I went all out because I knew that after this, the only basketball I would get to play would be pickup games. So for Chris Bosh to approach the game of basketball like this, it drives me crazy.

I now am rooting for Chris Bosh to be remembered as not only as one of the softest big men in NBA history but also as a zero-time NBA Champion.

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7 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Will Always Be A Basketball Loser

  1. Sounds like Chris is a tad bit out of touch. Every time the dude opens his mouth something silly slips out.

    Mila Kunis… she just left my place about an hour ago.. gooood times.

  2. Chris Bosh doesn't realize that not everyone has his talent. A lot of players get by with just pure hustle. They have families to feed, too.

    And as for us regular people that aren't tall or gifted or talented, most of us have to get by with pure hustle, too. What do you want us to do, Chris? Just stand there?

  3. Well said! I f*&$%ing hate the way the Heat just expect everything to be handed to them, go out and earn it punk @$$ b&tches, sorry for cursing on such a professional blog.

  4. Wait, what? Chris Bosh is currently the third best player on one of the NBA's best teams (that is just beginning to figure out how to play together when its healthy). He's Horace Grant, and I think he knows it, his coach knows it, and his two legit superstars know it.

    Could he hustle more? Sure. Could he be less of a whiny adolescent? Sure. But a loser? Come on, son! That's a counter-factual claim. I don't get why anyone would make it in the first place or why any readers wouldn't take the time to realize that obvious point.

    • Tell me what Chris Bosh has won? He is a classic big numbers guy on a bad team guy that parlayed that (and his willingness to do whatever Dwayne Wade says) into everyone thinking he is a Superstar when he is actually just a glorified role player on this Heat team.

      His comments about Asik diving for the ball near his legs show that. It is the air of almost "How dare he!" which to me makes me think that he thinks he is better than he really is.

      That right there screams loser in a basketball sense.

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