Video: Kevin Durant Selflessly Shares The Spotlight AGAIN!

Video: Kevin Durant Selflessly Shares The Spotlight AGAIN!

This Kevin Durant kid is something else. If he is not posting his extended contract on Twitter the same day LeBron makes his “Decision” on ESPN, then he is making the cover of SI… with his lesser known teammates.

Now look what the games gentle giant is doing. He won’t even be in this AWESOME way back “Encouragement Promo” that the League is doing, if they do not mention Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. Did I hear this from ESPN? Did I read about this in SI? No. It is 100% conjecture and speculation on my part. It is just something that makes sense, considering his past. That makes it even cooler. No one is saying he said “You have to mention Westbrook and Ibaka”. No one is leaking that to the press, but I am sure that is what happened.

Durant = “I’ll do a new league wide promotion, but only if you include Westbrook and Ibaka. And this time, don’t make a big deal about it. Don’t even mention that I made the stipulation”
$tern = “It is going to be hard… because they were not on your high school basketball team, and that is where the commercial is set”
Durant = “Well, just find a way to incorporate their names in the commercial. Work with me here David!”
$tern = “OK”

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