The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache, featuring Andrew Bogut’s mangled arm

The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache takes you on a trip around the League every weekday, bringing you the best posts from around the NBA blogosphere. Unfamiliar with the below ‘stache styles? The American Mustache Institute will school you on that subject.

The Chevron: You really hate to see a player go down with a gruesome injury, especially someone of Andrew Bogut’s caliber.  Noam Schiller laments how much we have been robbed of because of this unfortunate circumstance. [Both Teams Played Hard]

The Dali: With his athletic defensive potential, Jordan Hill could soon be Yao Ming’s new best friend. [The Dream Shake]

The English: The Blazers are faced with a dilemma with Greg Oden this off season. Do they sign him to a long-term extension or let him test the waters of restricted free agency? [Blazersedge]

The Fu Manchu: In case you haven’t heard enough of them already, here are the top 9 annoying end-of-the-season storylines that are likely to be hammered into your eyes. [Basketbawful]

The Handlebar: It’s incredible how tight the Western Conference playoff picture is, with only 3 games separatine the 2 and 8 seeds. Rob Mahoney reminds us not to worry too much about trying to manipulate who you end up playing though, since so much can happen between now and the end of the season. [The Two Man Game]

The Horseshoe: Noam Schiller (second link today!) tries to figure out the reason why Carl Landry does not seem as aggressive in Sacramento as he did in Houston. [Cowbell Kingdom]

The Imperial: Megan Wilson (a.k.a. @shegotgame) examines NBA style, and scolds players and coaches for mismatching items. [Nothing Easy]

The Lampshade: Tom Haberstroh celebrates Andrew Bogut’s season by delineating 10 of statistics that you might not have been aware of. [Hoopdata]

The Painter’s Brush: Kevin Arnovitz gives a video breakdown of the plays and decision-making that led to the Lakers’ nightmare fourth quarter against the Spurs. [Land O'Lakers]

The Pyramidal: The D-League playoffs are exceedingly hard to predict because the imminent call-ups and send-downs (?) that might be looming that can cripple or bolster the teams. Nonetheless, Scott Schroeder makes his best to give a primer on how it will all go down. [Ridiculous Upside]

The Toothbrush: If you’ve ever wondered, “What is the exact gameplan that the Utah Jazz need in order to beat the Los Angeles Lakers?” you are going to love this flowchart. [SLC Dunk]

The Walrus: Zach Harper hates how Andrew Bogut’s injury basically means the end of the incredible Bucks season, who figured to be a dangerous force in the playoffs for whomever they ended up matching up against. [Hardwood Paroxysm]

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