LeBron James: Potential Terrorist?

Last month a London court ordered the British government to disclose confidential US intelligence showing that this man (see picture below) was detained and suffered “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” whilst in US custody.

Now, you’ve read the headline and seen this picture. After putting two and two together, some of you may have gotten five. This man above is indeed NOT LeBron James. He sure does look like him though, doesn’t he? For comparison, here is the real LeBron James:

Many would be deceived at first glance into thinking they’d just seen King James at the microphone. At this point, I should point out that the man in question was cleared of any wrong-doing and was declared not to be a terrorist, he was merely held on suspicion of being one. In fact, the article from AOL News, tells us that he was tortured in cruel and unnatural ways by the Guantanamo Bay authorities.

Among the many heinous crimes committed against this man, by far the most disturbing was the following (young readers, stop reading right now):

Mohamed was then taken to a “dark prison” run by the U.S. in Afghanistan, where he says he was forced to listen to a recording of rapper Eminem, played at deafening volume, continually for a whole month.

People need to be taken to task for this. This is beyond a human rights issue. This is a crime against nature. No one should be forced to listen to Eminem for more than three minutes straight, perhaps as they walk around a record shop or stumble into the wrong night club.

Just for clarity, this man below is LeBron James and whilst he has blown up in the league, he is not a terrorist.

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6 thoughts on “LeBron James: Potential Terrorist?

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  2. Is that supposed to be funny? It was close but eminem is actually good. Im not even the biggest MM fan but there are like a billion other musicians and garbage rappers you coulda chosen that would have made this slightly humorous.


  3. Mike, read the linked news article, it's no joke — they DID play Eminem to him. It's an actual quote from the news article… that's why it's quoted as such.

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