So, you’re busily working your way through a Friday, awaiting the weekend… and then you’re blindsided by a #dunoff.

What is a #dunoff?!?‘ you ask? It’s similar to a dance-off, but it involves classic pictures of Mike Dunleavy Jr (aka Lil’ Dun). And oh, are there plenty of great pictures out there on the internets of Lil’ Dun. Both Ball Don’t Lie and Basketbawful, to name but two places, have featured plenty of them over the last couple of years. Dunleavy Jr simply has the inimitable combination of the greatest facial expressions in all of basketball and the dapper appearance of a small English private school boy.

The whole thing started on twitter, during an exchange between JE Skeets (TBJ) and Lang Whitaker (SLAM):


And that’s how a #dunoff got started. For those that missed it, here is a selection of the photos that ensued. Enjoy the show. Simply click on any image in the gallery and then hit the back button to return to the gallery.

And make sure you check out the final image — a tweet between Lang and myself. I think that is something for everyone to plan ahead for this coming Friday.

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