The New Stache Waxer

There is a new Editor in town. Sure, that is what the official title reads, but you can think of me as the new Stache Waxer. I’m here to ensure you enjoy the highest in premium NBA-related Moustache experiences. I’m not here to grow the fine hairs on the top lips, but rather, to coiffure them into the finest Staches they can be.

You might recognize me from my other non-Stache related work as Mookie at A Stern Warning. You might have encountered me in that fine coffee-house known as twitter. Or perhaps you are entirely unfamiliar with my work. No matter; all the same, I hope to make Stacheketball the most fun you can have with a handlebar mo on.

We have a barber’s shop full of talent here at Stacheketball. Of course, there is the founder of NESW Blogs, Ethan Jaynes. He knows his business man staches from his box cars.¬†Ethan has put together a great crew of writers, including Loren Lee Chen who provides you with the greatest in content from across the net, Rey Rey Moralde who makes it all retro with some great videos, Andrew Bucholtz’s “Something Completely Different” angle on things as well as some brand new blood on the scene such as jamjam365 and Shyne, whose work you will see more and more of.

In short, this is the place to come for some fun, mixed in with in-depth NBA analysis. A site where you won’t leave unamused or uninformed. This picture just about encapsulates it all:

Dennis Scott shows a Stache with a side of McLovin'

Dennis Scott shows a Stache with a side of McLovin' (courtesy of @3Deezy)

– Mookie, Your Editor

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