The Mid-Afternoon Mini Mustache, featuring the Greatest Show in New Jersey

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. When that happens, I bring to you the Mini Mustache. No categories, no flash, just good old-fashioned linky goodness.

  • Mark Ginocchio breaks down the three-ring circus that is the Nets management. [Nets Are Scorching]
  • Krai Charuwatsontorn channeling Stravinsky on the Clippers new system: “If you have the illusion of freedom in every direction, where every choice is the same as any other, then you don’t really have any freedom at all, and creativity withers.” [ClipperBlog]
  • Kyle Weidie gives a primer on setting screens using pictures from the Wizards game against the Magic. [Truth About It]
  • Now, more than ever, Lebron James embodies the one-man team. [NBA Fanhouse]
  • Sebastian Pruiti shows how Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin used their respective skill sets to work well together in the Kings’ comeback against the Knicks last night. [NBA Playbook]
  • Eric Freeman explains why NBA teams are sending the little guys as opposed to superstars as their representatives to the Players’ Union. [The Baseline]

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