The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache, featuring H-O-R-S-E through the ages

The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache takes you on a trip around the League every weekday, bringing you the best posts from around the NBA blogosphere. Unfamiliar with the below ‘stache styles? The American Mustache Institute will school you on that subject.

The Chevron: Mookie takes us through the best moments of H-O-R-S-E in the NBA. [A Stern Warning]

The Dali: Newsflash: Kevin Durant is really good at scoring. [Blazersedge]

The English: Lamar Odom is having his annual mid-season renaissance, but is it just a coincidence that it yet again coincides with Andrew Bynum being limited by injury? [Forum Blue and Gold]

The Fu Manchu: Noam Schiller takes a crack at the “Tyreke Evans is not a point guard” debate. His take: Does it really even matter? [Jerusalem Sports]

The Handlebar: Timothy Varner vouches for a shake-up in San Antonio: “Trading one set of chemistry issues for another isn’t a 1:1 exchange. Rather, it’s an opportunity to find a better mix of players.” [48 MoH]

The Horseshoe: By all metrics, Yi Jianlian has been taking better shots and getting to the rim more often this season than ever. But why, then, has his FG% actually decreased? [Nets Are Scorching]

The Imperial: Jon Krolik examines JJ Hickson’s terrible shooting, defense, and effect on those around him. Is there anything this guy does well? [Cavs: The Blog]

The Lampshade: Tom Haberstroh rolled out an amazing new tool over the weekend charting the evolution of every player’s offensive efficiency and usage rating since their league debut. [Hoopdata]

The Painter’s Brush: Royce Young tries to answer what we’ve all been wondering: Does James Harden’s headband give him superpowers? [Daily Thunder]

The Pyramidal: M. Haubs interviews former Cincinnati All-American Pete Mickeal about Ricky Rubio and his time playing for FC Barcelona. [The Painted Area]

The Toothbrush: Top ten Tommy Heinsohn quotes. Surprisingly missing: “Give him a Tommy Point!” [Red's Army]

The Walrus: Zach Harper is begrudgingly forced to acknowledge that Vince Carter went NOVA last night. [Hardwood Paroxysm]

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