Sixth Men of the NBA all-star game with Starters’ hairstyles

This weekend we saw the stars of the NBA, plus the emergence of some new stars.  I’ll submit some great new players with style in their game, who bring no shame to their name.  Starting with your All-star sixth men (of course, stars on their own team)…

10. Zac Randolph

A worker’s worker, he has made Memphis a contender and made people forget Pau Gasol.  Also, he’s styling a “shaved-head” look, without bothering to go the shaved head route.  Close to the head, all business, a working-man’s haircut for a working-man player.

9. Chris Kaman

He would have been higher on my list except he has toned down the look.  Still, the long blonde plus the NBA intensity on his face make for an unforgettable package.  Puts up the numbers on a consistent basis all year and for my money should’ve been invited even before the injury-invite.

8. Rajon Rondo

OK, maybe to some of you this is just a close-cropped cut.  But sometimes to be a star you have to act like you don’t know you are one.  This is some serious old-school nondescript, and that’s why (plus his seriously improving game) he is high on this list.

7. Jason Kidd

Well, he is an all-star game benchwarmer now, but any of these up-and-comers would LOVE to have had half the career J-Kidd will have by the time its over.  The shaved-head look, he was one of the early adopters, and still wears it like a star.

6. Gerald Wallace

You’ll think I’m kidding, but this is the most non-descript photo I could find.  The intensity in his eyes sometimes makes him look like a wild-man (plus the massively-cool short dreds), but his game gives him allowance to carry off the look.

Now for the up-and-coming stars from the Rookie-Sophomore game…

5. Jonas Jerebko

Not just the hair, but the total style ensemble.  The hair’s getting  just a little long, working the gold chain (almost) totally hidden, and just a glint in the eyes “for the ladies”.  Also, a great late steal in the draft for a team that desperately needed help this year, as it turns out.

4.  Danilo Galinari

That whole Italian swagger might be overdone.  To me this picture just says “West Coast” cool in a Knicks uniform.  The hair coiffed to perfection, reminds one of a young Pat Riley.  And that three-point bombing has made the Knicks a threat for a late-season run at the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

3.  James Harden

Obviously it’s the whole look here.  He has a 1970′s flair in a modern NBA.  A throwback in the beard choice, but he makes it work seamlessly with his attitude, his game, and his clothing choices as well.  His play is similar in that he is quite cool with being the last option on a team of talented youth…. Durant, Westbrook, Green etc.

2.  Marc Gasol

The pride of Barcelona, Spain, and the Memphis high school system, he works the long curly look in a very European way.  The weight loss over the summer helped the quickness in his game to make him one of the shooting percentage leaders, and also makes the hairstyle frame his face even better.

1.  Brandon Jennings

Seriously, you were even wondering?  The high-top fade derivation screams 1980s, and also wunderkind.  His game is flashy and some say unpolished, but to my eyes it still means he stayed on the draft board way, way too long.  He will make the other teams upset as they watch that rookie fade in their rear-view as he goes for another reverse layup.

Well, that’s the wrap-around for the All-star weekend.  This week is the end of the bologna and we’ll be back to the meat of the schedule.


Photo credits:

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8. Rajon Rondo

7.  Jason Kidd (photo credit KeithAllison)

6.  Gerald Wallace (2010NBAENathanielSButler)

5.   Jonas Jerebo (2010NBAENathanielSButler)

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1. Brandon Jennings (Copyright 2010 NBAEJenniferPottheiser)

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