The Mid-Afternoon Mini Mustache, featuring the elements of a good All-Star Game

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. When that happens, I bring to you the Mini Mustache. No categories, no flash, just good old-fashioned linky goodness.

  • Rahat Huq explains the 3 factors that would make an All-Star Game “good,” and why all of them were missing last year. [Red 94]
  • Kevin Arnovitz gives a primer on how to do one of the hardest things in basketball right now: Lose to the Nets. [ClipperBlog]
  • Henry Abbott likens this year’s Nets team to the one led by Stephon Marbury ten years ago. [TrueHoop]
  • Sebastian Pruiti explains how the Spurs were able to shut down Al Horford. [NBA Playbook]
  • Not sure why this happened, but Kevin Owens of “Waiting For Godunk” has taken the chronicles of his professional basketball to new pastures. [SLAM Online]
  • Vince Marotta wonders whether tonight the Suns’ “TNT Curse” will see its demise. [Deep Purple]
  • Tom Ziller expounds on why the NBA needs to institute stronger revenue sharing in the next CBA. [NBA Fanhouse]
  • On the heels of the announcement of All-Star reserves, Harlan Schreiber lists the best players from each franchise to have never made an All-Star Game. [Hoops Analyst]
  • At the end of the Euroleague regular season, M. Haubs checks in with Ricky Rubio and likes what he sees. [The Painted Area]

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