The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache, featuring the Dream Team of bench players

The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache takes you on a trip around the League every weekday, bringing you the best posts from around the NBA blogosphere. Unfamiliar with the below ‘stache styles? The American Mustache Institute will school you on that subject.

The Chevron: Zachariah Blott compiles a list to the best bench players in the league. [Empty the Bench]

The Dali: Eric Freeman tells about how we’re lucky to have experienced Doris Burke’s unique path to becoming a national color commentator for the NBA. [The Baseline]

The English: Is there any team in the Western Conference that can legitimately challenge the Lakers? [Forum Blue and Gold]

The Fu Manchu: Behind the scenes, Nick Young modeled a good portion of his game after videos of Rip Hamilton. Rashad Mobley tells what happened when the student met the teacher. [Hoops Addict]

The Handlebar: Gerald Narcisco list the top five second round steals of this year’s draft. [Dime Magazine]

The Horseshoe: Episode 72 of “The Weekly Fix” is notable not just because of its drive-by Office Space reference, glowing Step Brothers endorsement, and some actual basketball talk, but also because it opens with what might be the first ever podcast shout-out to this blog. (Obviously, probably as unsuitable for work as anything this side of pornography) [Talkhoops]

The Imperial: Speaking of podcasts, to us, The Basketball Jones is the pinnacle of perfection, but to some, Tas Melas and J.E. Skeets are still just “nothing more than two fans offering their opinions while sitting in a condo for 20 minutes every day.” [The Star]

The Lampshade: Dave Berri wonders if we really can consider Chris Bosh among the elite players in the NBA. [The Wages of Wins]

The Painter’s Brush: In the latest installment of “Waiting for Godunk,” Kevin Owens explains about how his diet and how he sometimes struggles with losing too much weight. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

The Pyramidal: His call-up during the D-League showcase was one of the feel-good stories of the year, but Sundiata Gaines has now made his mark on the league after hitting a huge game-winner to sink the Cavs. [NBA Fanhouse]

The Toothbrush: After seasons of building, the Oklahoma City Thunder might just be one piece away from being among the West’s elite.  Clark Matthews lists a few trade scenarios that could help them reach that plateau. [Daily Thunder]

The Walrus: Henry Abbott talks with Arne Duncan, the US Secretary of Education, about the effect of the NBA’s one-and-done rule and how the situation of college basketball might be improved. [TrueHoop]

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