The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache, featuring Basketball as Jazz, or not

The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache takes you on a trip around the League every weekday, bringing you the best posts from around the NBA blogosphere. Unfamiliar with the below ‘stache styles? The American Mustache Institute will school you on that subject.

The Chevron: Bethlehem Shoals a.k.a. Nathaniel Friedman guests on “The Jazz Session” to speak on the ineptitude of the Basketball-Jazz comparison. [The Jazz Session]

The Dali: Rob Mahoney lists the possibilities that the Mavericks could be looking at to fill their open roster spot. [The Two Man Game]

The English: Sebastian Pruiti delineates the things that the Miami Heat had to do right in order to upset the Phoenix Suns. [NBA Playbook]

The Fu Manchu: Alright, confession. I was sold as soon as I read the “Office Space” reference in the opening. How one Nets fan would have taken anything in return for Eduardo Najera. [Nets Are Scorching]

The Handlebar: Zach Lowe breaks down the perfect Ray Allen-Rasheed Wallace team effort, leading to a Wallace three pointer. [Celtics Hub]

The Horseshoe: Joe Fong explains the reasoning behind the Grizzlies recent waiver claim of Lester Hudson. [3 Shades of Blue]

The Imperial: JaVale McGee has officially declared that he wants to be included in the 2010 Dunk Contest. Free Epic Vale! [JaVale McGee's Blog]

The Lampshade: When Jared Jeffries is on the floor, are the Knicks essentially playing 4-on-5 on offense? [Knickerblogger]

The Painter’s Brush: Rey-Rey steps into the wayback machine and comes out with these classic Nike ads featuring Spike Lee and Tim Hardaway. [The No-Look Pass]

The Pyramidal: Scott Schroeder gives a quick primer on the talent available in the D-League, broken down by position and need. [Ridiculous Upside]

The Toothbrush: Trey Kerby and Dan Devine team up to create a list of the things that Mike Bibby probably does. [The Blowtorch]

The Walrus: Rob Mahoney explains why, with the way the game has evolved, positional distinctions are a mere formality. [Hardwood Paroxysm]

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