The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache, featuring a double nickel for Brandon Jennings

The Mid-Afternoon Milk Mustache take you on a trip around the League every weekday, bringing you the best posts from around the NBA blogosphere. Unfamiliar with the below ‘stache styles? The American Mustache Institute will school you on that subject.

The Chevron: Adrian Wojnarowski tells us about Brandon Jennings’ road to his historic night and the young sneaker executive that was standing by him the whole way. [Yahoo! Sports]

The Dali: Frank Madden attempts to contextualize Jennings’ night by considering its place in history and what it means for the Bucks moving forward. [Brew Hoop]

The English: Shoals offers another perspective on Jennings going NOVA, saying “Jennings has proven to be as mature a rookie point guard as the league’s seen since Chris Paul.” [The Baseline]

The Fu Manchu: A month after being featured on ESPN2′s SportsNation, Brian Spencer catches up with co-host Michelle Beadle for seven quick questions. [Empty the Bench]

The Handlebar: Tim Donaghue focuses on a single moment from the Pacers-Celtics game, which he believed sparked the turnaround that led to the unexpected Pacers win that night. [Eight Points, Nine Seconds]

The Horseshoe: Peter R. Casey reveals how we too can become credentialed microbloggers. [Twitip]

The Imperial: Call them “unsung heroes,” “no-stats all stars” or whatever you want, here are 5 guys making positive contributions that no one is talking about.  [Dime]

The Lampshade: An in-depth look at pretty much every advanced stat you would care about 10 games into the Orlando Magic season. [Third Quarter Collapse]

The Painter’s Brush: The Rockets were able to shut down Kobe in their win last night, but for once, Shane Battier was a non-factor in that. [True Hoop]

The Pyramidal: Aaron Brooks sprung for a career high 33 points last night, here’s how he did it. [Forum Blue and Gold]

The Toothbrush: Trevor Ariza loses a shoe early on in the game and Ron Artest helps him out by tossing it into the stands.  Ariza’s reaction at 0:42 is golden. [Youtube via @jose3030]

The Walrus: A massive 7-page article detailing everything you would ever want to know about Rajon Rondo. [The Boston Globe via Red's Army]

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