Ron Artest has a Balloon Boy Moment, Video

Ron Artest has a Balloon Boy Moment, Video. Just watch it. His kids pull a prank on him, and he turns the camera on. He acts coy, like he does not know about it. Then one of the kids says “are we still acting?”.

It still kind of works because, I think he thought he had a dab of makeup on his chin, but he has a mess of it on his upper lip. Chances are that this impromptu video will not ruin the lives of his children, it did not have the National Guard on stand by, his kids were very cute, and there were no balloons present, but other than that, this was exactly like the whole Balloon Boy thing. ( if you do not get the balloon boy reference, please watch this video )

Also Sunday night, Ron Artest had a prank of his own.

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